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Q) How do I order a photograph?
A) Once you find your photo, you can order easily by clicking on the thumbnail size proof. This will bring you to a shopping cart where you will fill in the print size and quantity for that particular frame.
Q) Can I order my Images on a CD?
A) Yes, you can order either an individual image or all of the images we have of you directly from Photo-Chambers useing this form.
Q) Can I order after the deadline?
A) Yes, late orders are accepted. All late orders may require additional processing time.
Q) When will the photographs be delivered?
A) If you order before the deadline, your photographs are usually shipped in 2-5 business days. Shipping time on our other special products can vary.
Q) Can I order two different photographs as part of a package?
A) No. To take advantage of the package pricing, each print within a package must be of the same image.
Q) Can I combine orders from multiple events?
A) No. Each event must be ordered separately.
Q) How do I find my photograph once the event is available for viewing?
A) You can access the photographs by choosing your event, and entering your "bib" number.
Q) What if my proof is too dark or too light?
A) The sample image on your monitor or order form has not been color corrected. We will in the final print, lighten and darken appropriately.
Q) What type of process is used to print the photos?
A) All images are printed professionally on the highest quality paper.
Q) What is "Metallic" or "Pearlized" paper?
A) This speciality paper is from Kodak. It offers more of a three dimensional appearance, and produces a truly eye catching glossy print.
Q) Is my credit card safe to submit online?
A) When our order form asks users to enter sensitive information (such as a credit card number), that information is encrypted and is protected with the best encryption software in the industry- SSL.
Q) The prints have not arrived. What should I do?
A) Please simply send us an email, or call. This information is on our contact page. Please include your name, the event, and your confirmation number (from the email you would have received right after you ordered).
Q) How long will it take for my event to appear online?
A) Events will typically appear in 3-5 business days after the event.
Q) How will the photograph be cropped for enlargements?
A) As photographs are enlarged, the height/width ratio changes, so the print you receive may require cropping from the photographs edges.

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